VPN on multiple lines (accounts) on 1 phone

Yealink T54S, T46G (or any other multi-line Yealink phone): T46G, T54S, have 6 lines being used (that’s what they want…), each line has 1 DID / Extension, so 6 accounts on the phone. They push a button to get to the line they want.

Phone has 1 MAC address.

I can only seem to get VPN working on Account 1, how do I get VPN on all 6 extensions. Thanks in advance.

Asterisk 13.19.1, freepbx

It’s been a while since trying it, but on my old T26P phones, VPN is network level and not related to accounts at all. Depending on routing, DNS, NTP, web UI, etc. could all run over the VPN.

pjsip or chan_sip? Have you tried the other? Do all accounts work properly when not using VPN?

Do the non-working accounts register successfully? If so, describe what goes wrong on an attempted outgoing call and also when the account is called.

Assuming loss of registration: Log into the web UI and confirm that the other accounts have the same Server Host and Port as Account 1. Do the failing registrations result in any errors in the Asterisk logfile? If so, post them. If not, use the Pcap feature on the phone and/or tcpdump on the PBX to see where the REGISTER requests (or the responses) are getting lost.

Just a guess: try setting unique values for Local SIP Port in the Advanced settings for each account.

If you still have trouble, describe the network at both ends of the VPN tunnel. Is VPN server running on the PBX or another device? Is VPN client the one built-into the phone or in other hardware?

I assume that accounts 2+ are registering to the actual IP of the pbx instead of the VPN IP. If that’s the case, open a ticket at http://issues.freepbx.org/

Correct, the first account registers to the VPN IP, whereas the remaining accounts are registering to the actual IP of the pbx.

I will open a ticket, thanks

You can work around that for now by creating a special template for those users that uses the VPN IP address as the destination.

I might need a little more guidance how to create the template, but will try to figure it out in the morning.

Yea, could you give a little more context please to make sure I understand your post? If I create a single new EPM template for the 6 lines on the t54s or t46g, I can add a single vpn IP as the destination. I would just actually try as the destination, auto-provision the phone, but I am not in the correct state to try it right now, and that phone is not online right yet. as destination in EPM worked, thanks Tony.

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