VPN Clients don't register after v15 upgrade

This Freepbx system has been been running well for about 6 months. I have 3 local extensions working fine and three remote phones s500, s700 and new s300. The 500 & 700 have been connected via OpenVPN for about 6-9 months and I just added the s300 last week. Freepbx is running on a VM so I took a snapshot and performed the 14 to 15 Upgrade, which went well.

Now that the upgrade has completed, s500 would no longer register (via VPN) but the s700 and s300 would. The only only difference is that I did a Factory Reset on the s500, so assuming there is something blocking the tunnel from being built and spent most of the last 2 days looking at the firewall.

So I tested the the theory that the phone would join as long as it had an existing config and did the factory reset to the s300. It will no longer register. The phones also get the base config and never load the extension config, the phones stop and never reboot.

Not a real fan of OpenVPN so looking for options, or suggestions on what may have changed going to v15.

Quick Update: After spending many hours looking at this, it appears the firewall settings to allow provisioning via Internet had somehow gotten changed, not sure how I missed it. Although for some reason the s500 is still not getting a VPN IP - I am sure that is unrelated.

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