Volume Gain Control in SIP Extension!


I am running the latest Asterisk 1.4 / Trixbox Server, I have a Sipura SPA-2002 ATA that I personally use that registered to the Asterisk box using SIP.

Callers find my voice not that loud, so I was wondering if there is such a thing as volume gain control on SIP? And if Asterisk is able to increase the gain to make my voice louder?



SIP does not handle audio. Audio is transported over RTP

Asterisk can’t apply gain to RTP.

There should be gain settings in the ATA

Remember each 3db of changes doubles the amount of signal. A 6db change is huge and can introduce echo.

Where in the ATA? In that’s ATA i don’t see or have any TX/RX Gain (db) controls.

Have you looked in the manual? Do you have the latest firmware?

That’s Sipura SPA-2002 discontinued ATA, i try to search for a entire manual, but i don’t see anything and i never update the firmware.

My others SIP Grandstream Phones have a TX/RX Gain (db) Option. But i don’t see anything in my Sipura ATA.

Any latest firmaware and or manual available url?



Also, don’t go posting all over the Internet the same question.

This is not trixbox support and trixbox uses an old, forked unsupported version of FreePBX. trixbox project is abandoned by the developers.

  1. Admin Login (On the Right)
  2. advanced (On the Right)
  3. Regional Tab
  4. Miscellaneous Section (Near Bottom)
  5. FXS Port Input Gain, FXS Port Output Gain