Voiptalk.org Inbound Settings

I have set up FreePBX using the raspberry-asterisk image on a Raspberry PI. I have managed to set up 2 users each connecting via my Grandstream Handsets & able to call each other.

I’ve also managed to connect to my voiptalk.org trunk up successfully to make outbound calls as per the instructions on this video: youtube.com/watch?v=xZU339bzkZw.

However, I cannot get my incoming voiptalk.org number to call in to my FreePBX server no matter what I do.

I’m running no-ip on my router to maintain a static location & have added my Raspberry PI into the DMZ zone. I have also temporarily opened up UDP Ports 4569, 5060 & 10000-20000 to rule out firewall issues.

I’ve attempted to configure as per here: broadbandbanter.co.uk/33490-freepbx-inbound-calls-problem-do-i.html with no luck. Any help would be appreciated?