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So with VoipInnovations now being owned by Sangoma is there better integration with texting and their DID’s? What’s the best luck people have had setting up texting through Voip Innovations and either Bria or Zulu on the mobile?


Nothing has been done or announced on that front.

So then the only option for SMS via FreePBX is still SIPStation?

Yes. You can get calling Sangoma’s or VI’s Sales department to try to find out if there are any plans for the future.

Well unfortunately I asked Voip innovations and they told me it was fully supported. I would have assumed since they’re the same company it would of been accurate. But it seems it wasn’t

What is fully supported? SMS with FreePBX or SMS with the FreePBX SMS module?

SMS capability through freepbx from a Voip innovations SMS supported DID

That’s true. Supported, but you will need to implement it in your own.

So that’s what I’m trying to find as there doesn’t seem to be any documentation. The only thing I’ve found is documentation on setting it up through the SIPStation

As we can see here Sangoma says it’s not supported http://forum.thewebmachine.net/enable-sip-sms-support-this-is-not-cellular-sms-t42.html

The only documentation I’ve seen is SMS like texting between phones. But nothing from the public network in to an endpoint

https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/SMS is a good starting point. Also, VI has (or certainly had) an article in their Wiki about integrating SMS with Asterisk.

We use Zipwhip with a lot of success. Users have a GUI they can log into for two way SMS, and there is an API we use with dialplan/Python to send SMS as part of a call treatment. You can even use the APIs to build your own interface if you want something more integrated. It has been a very good experience using them as far as speed, flexibility and implementation.

See that’s the annoying part, VoIP Innovations DIDs support SMS and theoretically FreePBX / Asterisk does too in some capacity. I was hoping to get it working without an “additional” monthly fee for some seperate service since my DIDs already support it.

At that point if Zipwhip is $35 a month and billed annually, I might as well just get a SipStation DID for $20/month and use it with freepbx. But even then I hate having to add an additional cost of $20 a month for another trunk provider, when I’ve already got a provider that supports SMS

There are two parts to your question. The first is that VI does work with Asterisk, and hence FreePBX, but not automatically. Also, you need to figure out what the destination for the SMS is going to be as part of the patching for SMS in “extensions_custom.conf”. Now, there is no AUTOMATIC method available, and since Sangoma has a competing service for which they charge, I doubt that a “general purpose SMS” package is likely to ever materialize. I know there are people on the forums that have done the work, and a few have posted ways to do it, but there’s nothing “corporate” for SMS support at VI.

The second part is that, since your DIDs already support it, you have the capacity to do this as part of your current service, just not “see above”.

Understood, but for what it is worth, in my experience, especially with a low cost of acquisition like $35/month, you will pay relatively the same amount if not more in effort and manpower. The polished, working product and support are very often the more cost effective option when you foot things out like “making it work” and “troubleshooting”, etc. For us having a super flexible product that “works out of box”, and has support when needed was worth the expense. Enables us to do more with the same amount of time.

I think to do what you are wanting to do, you are going to have to lead here and cobble a solution together, or pay someone (probably more than the vendor cost) to build this out for you.

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