VoIP Phone VI2007 FreePBX connection issue

HI I’m trying to connect my VoIP Phone VI2007 to my newly installed Freepbx

i have installed zoiper app on my phone and configured Extention 112 to it .

when I try to call from extension 118 to 117 or 117 to 118 it shows “Pls. Hang Up” also when I
try to call from zoiper to 117 or 118 it says service unavailable.

But if I try to call 112 which is my zoiper app it starts ringing and I can answer the call. it works as expected.

My VoIP Phone VI 2007 web configurations.

Free PBX extensions

Please provide a call trace via pastebin


Hi thank you for helping me
when i take a call from ex 117 to 118 or 118 to 117 CDR is not updating but i make a call to 112 which is my zoiper it is getting recorded


I don’t know whether this is related to your issue, but in Sri Lanka (and many other countries), 112 is the police emergency number. You should not have an extension number that conflicts with that. Don’t tell me that your users would dial 0112 or 9112 – when people panic they don’t think about what system they are using. Fix your PBX so someone dialing 112 gets help. (117 and 118 are also emergency numbers in Sri Lanka.

The log you posted is useless as it contains only one entry. With the system otherwise idle, make your test call and paste everything in the log from the start of the call to the end.

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