Voip + local pbx on same phone

Sorry my first post and new to freepbx. I successfully registered my yealink T23g phone to our 8x8 voip service. Same phone was working fine using our local on premise freepbx for internal extension.

After the phone went through 8x8 auto-provisioning, it works fine with 8x8 but lost my local freepbx registration. i tried to access the web gui (works only with https now) but it stuck at registering…

i see no packets coming out towards my local freepbx. something simple fix i am missing ?

btw yealink allows at least 3 SIP accounts to be setup on this phones.


Check the logs to see if you can see the registration attempts on the FreePBX side.

You could also look at the Yealink T23g logs to see if you see anything on the phones side.

update: for some weird reason, after rebooting the phone twice…it started working ! registered with my local pbx. Earlier like no packets were even getting generated whenever i clicked on confirm on phone’s Account page.

All good now.

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