Voip gateways

I don’t know if anything cheap exists but im looking for a cheap way to run different fxs lines from pbx but wlan hopefully to avoid running lines. this isn’t for a business just trying a project to set each of my roommates in my house as a seperate extension. I found routers with built in fxs but i only need fxs and don’t know if i can disable there routing functions and still use the fxs. Any suggestions. And i am only looking now i am in the process of building a pbx with asterick 1.8 with free pbx

A cisco router or Voice Gateway with a ton of FXS ports would do very well.

The Grandstream HT704 has 4 FXS ports and it’s too expensive.

Alternatively you could use a Gigaset N300 IP DECT based and you can use up to 6 wireless DECT handsets and have four subscribed VoIP accounts for them to use.

Since Lee Mason mentioned wireless DECT IP phones, GrandStream makes a very inexpensive wireless set DP715 and DP710 that also allow 4 sip accounts. One problem is… they are cheap. Ok maybe for home or your use.