Voicemails going to wrong mailbox

Have 6 phones ext #1000 - 1004 and 1500.
For ext 1500, when the caller leaves a message, they get the greeting from 1000 and the voicemail goes to that extension. All other extensions work ok.
Any ideas?

It could be lots of things. does 1500 have its own VM box, do calls that ring 1500 ever ring 1000? Do you use queues or ring groups?


What seems to be happening is when a call to 1500 goes to voicemail, it somehow ends up in the VM mailbox for 1000. The VM for 1500 is set up and calls to 1500 only rings 1500.
All other extensions work ok.

Something else is at play here. How do calls get to 1500? Any indirect way? Is there a find me follow me? These are all just guesses, which wastes time. The best option is to make a call that has the behavior of 1500 going to 1000 VM, collect the logs. They will tell you why the issue is occurring.

I’ve saved the log of a call to 1500 in Google Drive.
Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated as I’m an amateur at this. The system was originally set up by someone who isn’t available anymore. I’ve managed to get it working ok except for this 1 issue.


You abuse the patience of those attempting to help with such formatting.

Sorry. You have to download it and open in Word. Google docs won’t work.

Bad to worse. #HardPass

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Why not follow the instruction in the provided link above?

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