Voicemails disabled after upgrade

We recently upgraded Asterisk from 1.6 to 11 and freepbx from 2.9 to 2.11.
Lots of headaches that we have dealt with but there is one problem we can’t seem to fix.

Voicemails seem to be disabled. You can dial into the voicemail and enter your password and listen to voicemails so that part of asterisk is working. The module is loaded. However, calling a line will ring forever and not fall back to voicemail. Also with queues we now have errors for the fallback that was to someone voicemail. In the voicemail admin page all the extensions are disabled. When you try to enable a voicemail it will allow you to click accept and want to reload asterisk as though it worked but when you go back to the extension page the voicemail will be disabled again.

Any thoughts of what is going on or how to fix?

I went and downgraded asterisk and freepbx to the old machine versions and copied all the config files and spool directories.
In freepbx it still shows voicemail as disabled. Asterisk thinks voicemails are enabled. I can do a voicemail show users in CLI and it displays fine.
Not sure what is going on with the migration but for some reason freepbx just doesn’t want to show that voicemails are enabled