Voicemailn Not Working in User Portal

I’ve recently updated my live system to and noticed my voicemail will not play in the user portal. The field just expands and is empty. I tried different computers and the same thing. I also tired download the message and it redirects me to ‘404 file not found’. When I try the ‘play message at:’ link my phone rings but I hear nothing until ‘Goodbye’.

My messages play fine via *97 and downloading from “/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/” so I don’t know what else to check. I found this older thread User Portal Voicemail Will Not Play But their solution was already active in my version.

I thought I’d try to setup a new virtual machine to see if it’s the same and it behaves the same way with ver but works with I don’t think I’m ready to update my live system to 2.10 any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi… did you resolve the problem?

No. For some reason my account was locked out for a while so I never followed up on it.

I’m pretty sure one of the updates damaged it and I could probably create a ticket. But I don’t think the dev’s aren’t going to resolve it cause all their work is going to 2.10 and it’s working in that beta.

If you figure it out I’d love it if you can share it here.