I am trying to set up an extension that points to VoicemailMain() through the PBX GUI.

I understand one way is to set up a feature code, eg *98, which points to VoicemailMain()

When I go to Setup > Feature Codes - there is none already set up for this and no option to add a custom one.

I go to Tools > Custom Extensions and I see VoicemailMain in the right hand side of the screen, which is assigned to *98, however I cannot find any way to get it to go into the Setup > Feature Codes list.

Am I doing this right? Is there a way to modify manually to give an extension like 899 to go to VoicemailMain()

I am not quite understanding how this is set up on the GUI and am worried about messing things up if I go and change the dialplan

Can anyone help?



if you want voicemail why not just go to the module admin and enable the voicemail module?

yes, i have voicemail enabled, I was trying to figure out how to set up VoicemailMain (so users can check their voicemail) on a feature code or extension from the GUI, I was surprised that there did not seem to be any setting for this on the GUI? Am I missing something

yep it is there. Go to Feature codes, and enable *98, you will find it located at the bottom of the list if you have the module installed and enabled.

When I go to Module Admin, I get

Voicemail setup Enabled and up to date

When I go to Setup > feature codes, I get lots of options but none for Voicemail or *98?

Is there another module I need to add to get this populated in the list?

Nope. It should be the last module listed in the list at the bottom. All you need to do is make sure that the dial voicemail option is enabled and that you know the code (default is *98).

Do you have any third party modules added. Once of them could be causing a conflict. If so disable them, apply and check again.

In that case, I have got the right module installed, but still no feature code. I had to add in a 899 custom extension in extensions_custom.conf to give the users an extension to dial.

I am giving up on getting the feature code installed for voicemail access.

you dont happen to know of a way I get have an IVR or a forward go to the 899 extension.

In IVRs etc, I can do everything but transfer to extension 899…

THis is just to give the users access to voicemail from outside using my custom extension in extensions_custom.conf

What version of asterisk are you running? Something in your config is not right as thousands of people have it working just fine.


I dont know if this is related, but there may be a problem with the “extension registry”. My workaround was to add an extension for the voice portal in extensions_custom.conf

I am trying to add this extension to the registry using Tools > Custom Extensions > Add

I add my custom extension and save it, it then appears on the right hand side, although I cannot see if anywhere else on the GUI, eg in Setup > Extensions, like I had thought I might…

Does this point to an extension registry problem, is this just a mysql record?