Voicemail WMI issue

I am using Grandstream 1620, and I have recently added secondary PBX also in line 1. Now it has two PBX for line 1 primary and secondary. Voice mail WMI not working properly when there is a new message, sometime it blinks for 10 sec and stop, sometimes it start blinking after a hour.

I’ll add to this, but will open a new request if needed.
FreePBX Asterisk 16.2.1 PJSIP Endpoints
MWI on different phones acting very odd. As Sumitk has.
Sometimes flashing when no voice messages, sometimes not flashing when there are messages.
Have not heard of it happening on any of our Sangoma endpoints, seems to be Grandstream & Mitel endpoints only. I have played around with the MWI subscription, but that does not seem to make any difference

Thanks Paul,
So should i wait for new PBX version or report this issue to Grandstream?

Not sure it’s a Grandstream issue. I am looking at a Aastra 67551i right now that is indicating new voicemail, both MWI and envelope icon on screen. But *97 says no messages, new, old or anything

I have reported this issue to grandstream and they give me latest firmware. will update and check if new firmware fix this issue.

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