VoiceMail with IVR

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Thanks in advance for support,please

I want know how to config the recording message for user that call my IVR, so I set the annuncement that when click the number five should be record message.
Now when click 5 any function is activated, how to set the 5 number button to record a vocal message?
with voicemail?


I’m reasonably new to FreePBX, but here is what I would do:

  • Create a virtual extension (ex: 200) and enable the voicemail option.
  • Create a system recording with your desired prompt (ex: named ivr-prompt)
  • Create an IVR that plays ivr-prompt as the announcement
  • Add digit 5 to the IVR entries and set the destination to Voicemail, 200 (no message).

Submit your changes and Apply Config.

Yes, you have good idea and work for me, but not undestand how to listen the message, so I will set mail?

Or are present other solution?so an example path where the record are saved.


I solved with connection by ssh file zilla to listen the message, but are present another solution?

How to liste the recorded message in voice mail?

You could set the VM options to email the message to you. Otherwise, see here for the Voicemail guide for other methods to retrieve the message: http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Voicemail

Nice thanks, the mail work fine, you know if are possible call the virtual extension to play the message? so to reply the message if are the configuration to call and listen message of voicemail


I’m solved with * 97.

thanks :wink:

You can also use *98 / extension / pin (if your not dialing from that particular extension, but another extension on the same pbx).