Voicemail with Both Pager AND Email

I’ve solved most of my issues by searching and playing around…

At first, for voicemail, My text messages for notification of voice mail where going through but not any emails…

So I discoverd sendmail had to be installed and configured.
This I did.
Email then worked great. Even the Voice attachment was there and good…
Now the Pager functionallity will not work.

I can switch between email working or Pager working by either commenting out or enabling
a line in the sendmail.mc config.
In particular the define(SMART_HOST',smtp.yourprovider’)
with dnl in front Paging works,
uncommented (without dnl) Email works?

Any body?
I would like them BOTH to work.


You’re going to need to provide some more information.

Capture some logs and post them to pastebin.ca or something similar. Specifically, capture /var/log/maillog when the particular failures are happening.

these days most paging systems also have e-mail interface where you can send e-mail and it will get paged out.

Also in sendmail look into the aliases table. you can create a name that ia a group so that the end result is it can send to more then one address by sending to the group address.

Thanks for the group email suggestion. I will look into that.

As for the more info required,
I might look into that as well. lol (seems maybe a bit involved)

I was just hoping this was something know or common.

I recently install a trixbox, latest version.
Been on the learning curve.
Not to familiar with the command line interface… just basically type what I’ve seen posted for the required task.

So maybe to clarify this a bit.
In FreePBX under Extensions, near the bottom are voicemail options.
There is one inputbox for pages (An email address (###-###-####@vtext.com))
and one for email.

If I enable sendmail as described above, email will work. But not the pager one… even if the email is left blank.
If I disable the sendmail (SMART_HOST) pager works.

Thought this may be common cuz the box and setup are pretty plan jane.
Hopefully the group email will work.

Yes that setting is a either or setup. There is also a way to list more then one e-mail address in the e-mail field but I forget the format off the top of my head.

FYI: trixbox releases greater then have customized FreePBX and it is now totaly possible that they have changed the code to make it work or operate in ways unknown to FreePBX. They are saying they will provide the code they change but have as of this posting not delivered on that promise so it is possible that we can’t help here in the future.

Thanks for the Info!