Voicemail Transfer - PhoneApp send email

I have an issue where the EU transfers voicemail from a shared mailbox to another user. If they transfer the VM message from within UCP it kicks off an email with voicemail settings setup per the destination extension.

The problem comes in place with users that do not use UCP. On the Phone Apps Visual Voicemail when you transfer the message to the second user the message shows up on the phone but does not seem to kick off a email push.

Anyone? I’m going to open a ticket with Sangoma i guess thats where it should go.

Ok so this is disappointing.

Has anyone ever needed this for any reason or am I on an island by myself?

Shared mailbox’s are virtual extensions and its nice to use those as a drop off for after hours. Now with the 88.12 or newer of Phone Apps you get multiple mailboxes. Sweet. But when you transfer the message to another extension nothing happens to kick off the email of the file to the extension. But it does if you transfer from within UCP.

Feature request wiki page:

Phone Apps is a commercial module, so follow steps there.

Ticket# 854289

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