Voicemail transfer between locations

FreePBX version:
Asterisk version: 11.7.0

I’m running the same versions of FreePBX/Asterisk in (4) different locations. Is voice mail transfer between locations a possibility?

Assuming you have the trunks and outbound routes set up correctly, I think just dialling the remote extension follow by prefixed by * would almost do it… 1001… BUT you’d need maybe a second outbound route which was for voicemail that used 9 lets say to know to use that route - so would end up being 91001… I haven’t tested this but believe would work.

I think the OP is talking about from within a mailbox the ability to forward a message from your mailbox to another.

Asterisk Comedian Mail doesn’t support this, it’s a shame as it would change the way we design larger deployments.

What you can do is use multiple servers as phone/registration. Then us a single VM machine dedicated to that task.