Voicemail to Mail not working anymore

Hi everyone…
I am pretty new with FreePBX but I was able to setup a small system with 2 trunks and 5 extension.

I am currently using FreePBX on a Raspberry (RaspPBX)

For almost 1 year everything was working fine.
Today I just realize that VOICEMAIL to MAIL is not working anymore.
No emails are sent anymore to my address.
On the dashboard I can see a red flame for the : Mail Queue


I am lettery going crazy. Nothing was change. My provider allow me use port 25 as well.

I have a full backup from February , but didn’t help.

I did a full new installation and change all the settings from scratch but nothing.

Can someone please help ? :frowning:

You’ll probably have to go to the RasPBX forums and ask about this. FreePBX uses Postfix in the Distro and since it’s on almost all Linux Distros it uses that as the SMTP service to setup in the Manual Install instructions.

RasPBX uses Exim as it’s SMTP service on the system. So it isn’t related to anything FreePBX would have documented for SMTP services.

Thanks for your help.
I will!!

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