Voicemail to Email Strange Issue

I just finished setting up a new PIAF Purple system with Freepbx 2.9 and Asterisk –

Everything is working great except for one strange item – on one of my extensions i am unable to get VM to Email working – it works fine on all the other pbx extensions – also if i go into the ARI i am able to forward the vm manually to an email address – however on this one extension it is not forwarding as per the address set in the extension – i have tried deleting and re-imputing the extension with no luck – when i look at the logs for sendmail i do not even see the system attempting to send the vm out?

any help would be greatly appreciated


Same asterisk 1.8 freepbx 2.9 and PIAF purple. Only on one extension, ext 704 has this problem Email is sent to user with no attachement. Email user recieves shows message length of 34 seconds. No attachement arrives with mail.

Never had this problem before, 10+ installs. Thanks for taking a look at this thread, any help is greatly appreciated.


edit I notice in voicemail.conf the extension 702 listed right above my afflicted extension 704, contains the line “callback=from-internal” between the email address and the “attach=yes” Does anyone else see this pattern?

EDIT 2 SOLVED configuration overlooked, email notification set to email, but attach voicemail radio button not checked. Works as advertised.