Voicemail to Email - not seeing in postfix

I have a customer that self-manages their own installation of FreePBX
The last time I professionally worked on Asterisk was when Digium was just making line interface cards (to date myself here, so pardon if I’m a tad rusty).

They report that the system was previously, successfully sending out voicemails via email. Allegedly about a month ago it stopped working.

I’ve reviewed the settings and everything looks good on their system, and I’ve attempted to recreate the issue on a fresh install of 15 which seems to work just fine.
Their install will generate, and successfully send module update emails but when a voicemail is stored for an extension I don’t see it showing up in postfix logs or mailq so I’m lead down the path that Asterisk isn’t behaving or something is misconfigured.

I’ve checked the custom configs, and find nothing that stands out.

Anyone have any direction or thoughts?


If you don’t see anything in /var/log/maillog, then I’d voicemail to email even enabled?

Yes, everything is enabled that would send notifications and attach the wav files.

What do you see here? > Settings > Voicemail Admin > Settings > Email Config > Mail Command ?

What’s the output for rpm -qa | grep postfix ?

The RPM is version 2.10.1-6 for postfix

If you type mail [email protected], you type a subject, you write a message and you end it with a "."
Do you see anything on /var/log/maillog ?
What are the permissions for maillog ?

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