Voicemail TO Email, Distro says one thing, my GUI says another

I’ve downloaded and installed the FreePBX distro iso (FreePBX-Distro-Net-32bit- last week directly from http://www.freepbx.org/download-freepbx, burned my cd, installed my PBX on a nice compact little Acer Veriton which is now sitting in the closet running perfectly next to this office’s other server hardware…

The only thing I can’t get working is the voicemail-to-email.

  • As stated in Step 7 (CONFIGURE SENDMAIL/POSTFIX) of the “first-steps-after-installation” thread here: http://www.freepbx.org/support/documentation/installation/first-steps-after-installation “If you want to use a feature that includes sending an e-mail, you’ll need to configure whichever program (sendmail or postfix) that is installed with your distro…”

  • It only has one paragraph about configuring SENDMAIL/POSTFIX in order for certain features/modules to work properly? How the heck do I configure it? How do I know which one is installed with my Distro?

Here’s my problem: I don’t see SENDMAIL or POSTFIX in my module admin… Isn’t it suppose to be in the module admin?

I’ve read a few support threads that talk about firing up the mailserver from the command line, but I have to say I’m not super-duper at it, so I need some help.

So first thing first - Am i crazy for looking for SENDMAIL or Postfix in the module section? And secondly, if it should be there and it’s not, how do I get the module to show up?

If I don’t get a special module for configuring the mail server right from the GUI, how do I make it happen from the command line?

This is my last piece for my PBX to humming along beautifully. If you can successfully help me, I’d be more than happy to ship you a bottle of the Pinot Noir
I bottled last month (next profession) as a sincere thank you. (I’m serious)

Thanks in advance.

The distro uses postfix. It is a daemon that is installed when you built your system. There is no module for it or to configure it in a base FreePBX install. It usually just works. Have you tried to have a voice mail sent as an email?

The paid for version of the sysadmin module has the ability to configure postfix. I think the cost is $50 USD. Goes to help support the FreePBX project.

This is one of the things that I never got around to documenting… Sorry.

However, there are posts in the forums telling you exactly how to do it.

Here’s one:


When I proofed this PBX distro, I was running everything through my home ISP… which requires authentication to send outbound email out through the standard ports 25, 465, 995 (whatever they are) and kept running into the issue of sending outbound email from the PBX.

When I brought the box into it’s new home office, the business class broadband doesn’t require authentication to send outbound email.

Alan, if I hadn’t read your post and rechecked by sending a test voicemail to an extension, I would’ve been stuck. I do however see a future client need for the sysadmin module upgrade. If you send me a PM with the instructions for how to purchase and upgrade the module (remember I’m a newbie, but not super thick-headed) along with your mailing address, you’ve got yourself a bottle of 2009 Deep End Pinot Noir as a thank you.



Glad it is working. Happy to help.

I do not sell the module The sysadmin module can be purchased directly from http://www.freepbxdistro.org/products/.

I would love a fine bottle of wine. However, I would rather give it to the FreePBX team for their tireless work on this great phone system.