Voicemail to E-Mail

I have a problem
I have Freepbx distro
(PBX Firmware: 3.211.63-5
PBX Service Pack:
i cant find the place to config the pbx with my smtp server not gui and not ssh

please help


Look in our wiki under Linux 101/CLI

i’m new in the area as you figured alone
I didn’t understand what you wrote
please explain or provide link


With all due respect, if you are trying to code the page and can’t find information on web sites I think you are going to get very frustrated.

Do you know what SNMP is? It is the most common network statistics protocol.

Asterisk is the engine that controls the telephony, the site is asterisk.org. Click on documentation and read the chapter on AMI (the Asterisk Manager Interface). Also the Asterisk, The Definitive Guide, a book will help you understand.

Seriously, this guy is just asking how to set up email. You start asking smart ass questions about if he knows what SNMP is. How is that relavent to his question. It certainly isn’t respectful.


This was posted to the wrong thread. My post was supposed for someone doing network management.

If you have your own SMTP server in house you can setup your server for freepbx to use by following these steps.
Login to webmin, go to Servers, Sendmail Mail Server, Sendmail Options. Set your IP of Exchange 2010 as shown, enclose in [] brackets if using an IP, remove the [] if using FQDN. Make sure your 2010 will let you relay from this host.