Voicemail to E-mail problem

My current setup is PBX in a Flash ver 1.3 Asterisk 1.4.22 with FreePBX
I cannot get the sending e-mail address to change from [email protected]

I have changed the hosts file and I have changed line 6 of /etc/asterisk/vm_general.inc to be the proper name and domain name. I alsot ran setup-mail and set the system to be pbx.customers domain name.com

What have I missed ?



First off check that in the voicemail.conf file you have the following lines:

[general] #include vm_general.inc #include vm_email.inc
There should NOT be another set of square brackets with a name in it before the include lines. If there is make it match these three lines exactly.

Thanks voicemail.conf does not have the include statements but the serveremail = [email protected] is in there. I have changed it not sure if it will get overwritten when FreePBX runs again ?

The file voicemail.conf.template has the include statements. I assume this is a FreePBX thing

Thanks for the help


Something is wrong with your base voicemail.conf file.

A clean fresh one looks like this:

#include vm_general.inc
#include vm_email.inc

FreePBX reads the file and copies all lines not under the [default] context back out to a new file, while that happens reads the [default context lines in memory removes any extensions that were deleted, chagnes the proper data for any that exist, and add’s new one to the end of the list if the don’t exist. Once it is done it writes out the [default] context. If you happen to define any other voicemail contexts within FreePBX it repeats that process for those, but if it see’s anything else it just copies it to the new file.
Lines that are in missing should be added, lines that exist in the included files should be removed from the voicemail.conf file.

If you look here: http://freepbx.org/configuration_files and search for voicemail.conf you will see there is a example file with a added section for timezone support if you happen to need to support phones from multiple timezones and where it should be placed in the order of things.

Also note that there should NOT be any empty square brackets ( [] ) anywhere in the file or any of it’s includes as that causes problems.

Hope that helps.

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I checked 2 other systems we recently installed with PBXinA Flash and the voicemail.conf file is setup the same way as I described. I have not altered anything. I did the install and updates and configured through FreePBX interface so if its wrong then something behind the scenes is not working correctly. I have no idea which it is FreePBX or the distro