Voicemail Storage


can I use odbc storage for voicemaimessages?

Now I configured realtime voicemail users and want to hold voicemail in DB.

You didn’t tell us much. What version of Asterisk and FreePBX are you running?

Asterisk version 11.8.0
FreePBX version 5.211.65-7

As I understand asterisk rpm package at FreePBX has compiled with Voicemail FILE STORAGE.

Yes I believe it is. You may need to download Asterisk source and the development libraries.

If you do a module show like odbc from asterisk you can see what is built in. I think those modules are for CDR and CEL although res_odbc may be what you need.

Sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer.

yum list all | grep asterisk will show we have RPMs built for other storage options.

You can yum erase the standard voicemail storage RPM and replace it with the one you want.

It’s good news, but after intsllation asterisk18-voicemail-odbcstorage in CLI I see “Failed to obtain database object for ‘asterisk’!”

I have been tried to find out a decision, and found unresolved post www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx/development/voicemail-mysql-database

Have you seen

It is under Settings>Voicemail Admin
Click Settings