Voicemail status stay disable after saving extension



When I create an SIP extension and change the status of voicemail to enable and configure it, after I save the extension it gets back to disable status. It usually work fine but for no reason I got this problem. Could anyone help me on this one


Take a look at the /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf file. There should be a [general] section at the top, maybe you’ve added a [zonemessages] which would be ok, then there should be a [default] section, assuming you don’t play with voicemail contexts all your mailboxes would be listed under that (if you do it will be under that context).

Make sure you don’t have any lines with a empty pair of [] in them if so that can cause problems.

Each extension should have a format like this:
123 => 1234,Some Name,[email protected],
ad the end of the line might have some of these options: attach=yes|saycid=no|envelope=no|delete=no

If it does not follow that format (123 is the extension, 1234 is the password for the extension) then that is the root of the problem.

It happens once in a while that the file becomes corrupt and you need to go in and fix it. Enabled means it’s written and read back out of that file, disabled means it does not exist in that file.

Thanks for the help !

Now I have a better understanding about the enable and disable status. My problem where the rights for the voicemail.conf. I chmod the file to 777 just to try it and now I can write in to the file.

That would mean that your current version of asterisk is not running as the user asterisk but as root.

When you stop and restart asterisk make sure you use amportal start instead of starting asterisk another way as it will then end up as running as root and have issues.