Voicemail Status LED not working


Setting the Voicemail status LED on the Sangoma S500 phones doesn’t appear to be working. I’ve set it to be red and ON when a voicemail is left, but it doesn’t appear to be aware that a voicemail has been left. All the other light settings work fine, and if i setup a BLF key for voicemail that also works fine.

Anything i can try changing, or can others let me know if theirs is working with this?


If i go into main menu > messages > voicemail > view voicemail on the phone, it says my extension and says “0 new, 0 old” even though i know there’s 1 new message, and i can see the red BLF key showing. I’ve tried switching between standard voicemail and application voicemail on

Oh, it seems i’ve fixed it.

Basically i had a BLF key calling *98###. This lit up correctly when a voicemail was unread. I’ve also got one for a shared mailbox on a dummy extension.

Anyway, to get the voicemail LED status light working correctly, i had to add an actual voicemail button to my keys, this must have activated something, because i can now remove it again without issue, and everything works as expected…so the fix: add a voicemail button, then remove it again. Bizarre.

I’m now having this problem with a new installation. Adding a voicemail button did not solve it however.

S700 firmware, FreePBX version 13.0.174, and Asterisk version 13.10.0

Oh, and I’m using pjsip for the extension.

There is a specific mwi setting for pjsip extensions in the advanced tab, you prob want it set to unsolicited. You also may want to enable pollmailboxes and set a frequency in voicemail admin.

I changed the MWI to unsolicited and now it’s working!

Thank you!

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