Voicemail status BLF troubleshooting?

I have an extension I’d like to monitor via the BLF button for voicemails. I have hints enabled in Advanced Settings and the blf button has the format *985055 to monitor extension 5055.

From what I read, this is the correct way to set this up, but its not working. On our Yealinks, the BLF stays green regardless of voicemail status. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this or workarounds? I guess I just need VM notification for other extensions, so any method will work. I believe you can make the VM light on the phone go off for other extensions, but I haven’t looked at this yet. Fixing the BLF light would be the most convenient as its nice to have a button that dials VM and lights up when it has a VM. Thanks.

This feature only works on the FreePBX distro, if you are using any other distro it won’t work. At the Asterisk CLI, what is the result of:

core show hint *985055

Yep its the distro. Here is the output of the real extension:

*[email protected] : MWI:[email protected] State:Unavailable Presence:not_set Watchers 3
1 hint matching extension *985892


Coincidentally the server was rebooted and now this feature works. Perhaps freepbx isn’t restarting some needed service when these hints are created/edited.