VoiceMail Size Limits

Howdy All!

Is there anyway I can set a size limit on Voicemails in an mailbox? (either by size or amount)

We have VM’s being forwarded to peoples e-mail and that is where most people listen to there messages. Which also means they do not go on their phone and delete them from their Voice mailbox.

Since we keep running out of space is there anything I can do to limit the size?


Newbie Moe.

Take a look here

You can add the values
This defines the maximum amount of time in seconds of an incoming message. Use this when there are many users and disk space is limited. The default value for this setting is 0 which means there will be no maximum time limit enforced.
This limits the number of messages in a voicemail folder. The maximum value is 9999 (hard coded) and the default 100. When a mailbox has more than this number of messages in it, new messages can not be recorded and vm-mailboxfull is played to the caller. No more messages possible is also logged. This setting was introduced in 1.2. In previous versions it was hard coded to 100.

You can add these under the VM Options on the persons extension.



The maxmsg worked like a champ but the maxmessage never seemed to kick in.

I tried maxmessage 60 and even after 3 minutes it was still recording and when I checked the message it played back the whole thing.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

Newbie Moe

This may help you, too. Asterisk ships with a Perl script to purge old messages, but it isn’t active by default. See the asterisk source directory. I found it at

/usr/src/(asterisk version)/contrib/scripts/messages-expire.pl

on Debian. Adjust script to your needs, then run it with cron.

Thanks, Seth