Voicemail - should the greet.wav be played before the instructions


just wondering… maybe I’m getting confusted with other IVR systems. Is the “name greeting” supposed to be played before the voicemail instructions?. if so, were is the flag to enable.

“John Doe”, is not available to take your call… leave your message

on my system it just plays the “the person you are trying to reach is not availible…” leave your msg


When a piece of warmware sets up a voicemail box identifying itself as John Doe, that will be the way Comedian Mail behaves

No, the greet.wav is for the Directory and other voicemail system features. When a message is left it will look for the greeting associated with how it was sent to the voicemail app. If it is sent with the b flag, it means use the busy greeting. If it has the u flag, use the unavailable greeting. The temporary greeting will override both busy and unavailable greetings if it exists.

No, that’s not why it behaves like that. The name of the voicemail box is irrelevant, if the required greeting (busy or unavailable or temp) doesn’t exists the default greetings are used.

To clarify, until the voicemail box is set up by the user to be known later as John Doe, voicemail greetings of any variety (busy, No answer, Unavailable or ‘alternate’ ) don’t exist, until then Comedian mail will play the anonymous greeting you here and also generally a nag for her to setup greetings and password.

To clarify even more, whether or not a default greeting is used when the busy, unavail or temp greetings are missing will be based on the over all voicemail settings and the default settings of the mailbox (in Asterisk), at both levels you can disable the default greeting and instructions played back to the caller. That can result in the caller not hearing anything but a beep before having to leave a voicemail.

@ccc-canada , just have Joe set up his name in Comedian mail.

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