Voicemail settings dissapear or critical error on working extensions

Hi all

I am running FreePBX

I have been able to apply the voicemail option on extensions before, but recently if I create a new extension it will create the extension but will not keep the settings for voicemail (they disappear).

On exentions that already have voicemail settings enabled and working, if I try make a change it gives me an error saying: fatal error.

Is this possibly a permission problem?

Any help is appreciated.

First of all, 2.4 is an older, pretty much unsupported version.

Now, concurrent with the problem occurring, were there ANY changes made? ANY changes at all?. I’ve found that when something like this occurs, very often it’s because there was what might be perceived as an insignificant change.


Ye I am aware, and I would love to update it, unfortunately I cannot as we have a call center software integrated into it. Updated freepbx puts our call center software out of wack.

I managed to fix this by changing the permissions on the voicemail.conf file under /etc/asterisk/

and changing the permissions of extensions.conf, extensions.conf.orig and extensions.conf.patch

under /var/www/html/admin/modules/core

Thanks anyway

What did you change permissions/ownership to?

Sounds like Asterisk got started as root instead of asteriskuser.