Voicemail rings

Hi Group,

I have the latest version of freepbx installed. Have a quick question regarding voicemails. When I press the voicemail button on my polycom 501 phone, it takes three rings to get to the prompt. Is there anyway I can set my voicemail not to ring three times before going into voicemail?


This ringback is provided by the phone not voicemail

$ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_macro('user-callerid'));
	$ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_answer(''));
	$ext->add($id, $c, 'start', new ext_wait('1'));
	$ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_noop($id.': Asking for mailbox'));
	$ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_read('MAILBOX', 'vm-login', '', '', 3, 2));
	$ext->add($id, $c, 'check', new ext_noop($id.': Got Mailbox ${MAILBOX}'));
	$ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_macro('get-vmcontext','${MAILBOX}')); 
	$ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_vmexists('${MAILBOX}@${VMCONTEXT}'));
	$ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_gotoif('$["${VMBOXEXISTSSTATUS}" = "SUCCESS"]', 'good', 'bad'));
	$ext->add($id, $c, '', new ext_macro('hangupcall'));

As you can see above in voicemail the process is almost instant. Phones will often provide ringback while it is hunting for the endpoint.

Ok, it seems if I dial *97 it goes right to voicemail without the rings as one would expect. How can I get my phone to do this when I press the messages button? This used to work but not after some updates a few months back.