Voicemail Retrieval from External Landline

Appologies if I’m missing something obvious. We have a 2.10 distro install on Asterisk My extensions are able to dial another extension within our landscape and press “" to access the voice mailbox (ie ext 8271 from my production box can dial ext 4066 on my development box and retreive voicemail for 4066). However, users are unable to access their mailboxes by pressing "” from an outside source (ie pay phone, hotel rooms, etc) after dialing their extensions. Is there a parameter in the Voicemail Administration System Settings that needs to be “customized” to “allow” outside access to voice mailboxes?

Thank you for looking! :slight_smile:

You will want to create a Misc Destination with a proper description like, “Get Voice Mail” and you will want to enter into the Dial edit label:


You can then set up in an IVR selection with a destination of Misc Destination : Get Voice Mail.

Or set up a new feature code for Misc Applications so that users can dial that feature code.

You should be able to press “" during the voicemail greeting, or alternately, create an inbound route to an IVR. During the IVR greeting, presd "+ext no” that will get you the VM for that extension.

In the IVR there is a “direct dial option” that needs to be set.

If this doesn’t work, you need to make sure the provider is properly passing DTMF to your switch.


Thank you so much for replying. I kind of suspected it had to do with the provider or our gateway(switch), since “*” does work with devices within our landscape. It helps to have someone from the outside validate it in order to convince my counter-parts. ;]

Yes. It looks like everything is ok on your end. If you set up a test Ivr does it work? It might be that just the “*” is not being passed, and I believe there is a setting to change that. Might be a work around.

Our solution ended up being an additional statement to the dial-peer statements in our gateway (Cisco C2951’s) config. Thanks for your time and interest gentlemen. :slight_smile: