Voicemail realtime DB

i am using freepbx these days, and read a lot of article of asterisk realtime database,
and i am successfully in chaning some of configure file into asterisk realtime mysql database, but still one issue left that i hope somebody here can do me a favor.
i am using freepbx2.4 in trixbox 2.2.9, my issue is as followings:
i tried to store my voicemail user account into mysql database, after i make some changes following instrution from asterisk realtime. my sip users are in the database(asterisk,table sip&users) now, but the voicemail users still not. i found the users info still in voicemail.conf. how can I moved these configuration file related with voicemail users into mysql db( i created table voicemail_users in the “asterisk” database)?
my extconfig.conf is as followings:
sipusers => mysql,asterisk
sippeers => mysql,asteriskrealtime,sip_buddies
voicemail => mysql,asterisk,voicemail_users
extensions => mysql,asterisk,extensions

and i checked the file /var/www/html/admin/functions.inc.php, i found the scripts here is still writing into voicemail.conf, as i am not a progammer, i can just read the scripts but can not re-program it. do i need to change this file to let the realtime voicemail_users to work?
btw, i am using the freepbx php GUI


alex (email:[email protected])

can any body give me a hand?
really appreciated!

For voice mail you can’t.

Asterisk up through version 1.4.x (I’ve not looked at 1.6) requires that file be a text file in that format and it will not look anyplace else.

Also there are several applications that look for that file to do things like the directory (#).

thank you fskrotzki ! so you means for the voicemail users configuration detail, i have to
look them up through the file “voicemail.conf”?
hope in the future it will provide alternative database ways to do that. thanks again


is there any progress of it make out?
can this config file move to mysql db?

Theoretical, yes. But FreePBX doesn’t support realtime at this time.