Voicemail prompt delay

(Alex DiMarzo) #1

After switching to FPBX 2.11/AST 11.10 from 2.10/1.8, my users are complaining about the timing on their voicemails (end of the world, I know).

Before, when we dialed into the voicemail, the vm-youhave file played immediately with no vm-login (or at least seemed that way). Now, it plays the “vm-login” announcement followed by a 7 second delay before the “vm-youhave”. I tried to replace the “vm-login” file with a very short silence, but that only resulted in 10 seconds of silence before the “vm-youhave” and users thought their voicemail was broken.

Is there something that can be changed to skip the intro?

I have disabled the VMX Locator for the mailbox and still have the problem.

-- Executing [100@from-internal:5] Set("SIP/411-00000619", "VMBOXEXISTSSTATUS=?SUCCESS:FAILED)}") in new stack -- Executing [100@from-internal:6] GotoIf("SIP/411-00000619", "0?mbexist") in new stack -- Executing [100@from-internal:7] VoiceMailMain("SIP/411-00000619", "") in new stack -- <SIP/411-00000619> Playing 'vm-login.ulaw' (language 'en') **** THIS IS WHERE THE ~7s DELAY HAPPENS **** -- <SIP/411-00000619> Playing 'vm-youhave.ulaw' (language 'en') -- <SIP/411-00000619> Playing 'vm-no.ulaw' (language 'en') -- <SIP/411-00000619> Playing 'vm-messages.ulaw' (language 'en')


Not for me but

expr $(ls -l /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/silence/9.ulaw|awk ‘{print $5}’) / 8000

will tell you how many seconds long your ulaw message really is, mine is 2.



expr $(ls -l /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/vm-login.ulaw|awk ‘{print $5}’) / 8000

(Alex DiMarzo) #4

I used 1.ulaw and a 0.2s file that I uploaded as the silence files; the original has been restored to avoid the user problems but it is 2 seconds on mine as well.

(Alex DiMarzo) #5

I’m getting bombarded with complaints from users related to the delay. Does anybody have suggestions?

(Tony Lewis - https://bit.ly/2SbDAyc) #6

How are you dialing voicemail as you should not be prompted for ext number if dialing *97.

(Alex DiMarzo) #7

We changed the feature code from *97 to 100, though I’m not sure why this was done in the first place. If nothing is entered, it will continue to the user’s mailbox.

(Alex DiMarzo) #8

I just discovered that entering # after the greeting starts will skip forward; this will hold the masses off for now.

(Geoffc) #9

where did you add #? i have same issue

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