Voicemail prompt delay

After switching to FPBX 2.11/AST 11.10 from 2.10/1.8, my users are complaining about the timing on their voicemails (end of the world, I know).

Before, when we dialed into the voicemail, the vm-youhave file played immediately with no vm-login (or at least seemed that way). Now, it plays the “vm-login” announcement followed by a 7 second delay before the “vm-youhave”. I tried to replace the “vm-login” file with a very short silence, but that only resulted in 10 seconds of silence before the “vm-youhave” and users thought their voicemail was broken.

Is there something that can be changed to skip the intro?

I have disabled the VMX Locator for the mailbox and still have the problem.

-- Executing [100@from-internal:5] Set("SIP/411-00000619", "VMBOXEXISTSSTATUS=?SUCCESS:FAILED)}") in new stack -- Executing [100@from-internal:6] GotoIf("SIP/411-00000619", "0?mbexist") in new stack -- Executing [100@from-internal:7] VoiceMailMain("SIP/411-00000619", "") in new stack -- <SIP/411-00000619> Playing 'vm-login.ulaw' (language 'en') **** THIS IS WHERE THE ~7s DELAY HAPPENS **** -- <SIP/411-00000619> Playing 'vm-youhave.ulaw' (language 'en') -- <SIP/411-00000619> Playing 'vm-no.ulaw' (language 'en') -- <SIP/411-00000619> Playing 'vm-messages.ulaw' (language 'en')

Not for me but

expr $(ls -l /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/silence/9.ulaw|awk ‘{print $5}’) / 8000

will tell you how many seconds long your ulaw message really is, mine is 2.


expr $(ls -l /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/vm-login.ulaw|awk ‘{print $5}’) / 8000

I used 1.ulaw and a 0.2s file that I uploaded as the silence files; the original has been restored to avoid the user problems but it is 2 seconds on mine as well.

I’m getting bombarded with complaints from users related to the delay. Does anybody have suggestions?

How are you dialing voicemail as you should not be prompted for ext number if dialing *97.

We changed the feature code from *97 to 100, though I’m not sure why this was done in the first place. If nothing is entered, it will continue to the user’s mailbox.

I just discovered that entering # after the greeting starts will skip forward; this will hold the masses off for now.

where did you add #? i have same issue