Voicemail problems

I had version installed on server and installed sip phone. I can make both inbound and outbound calls ok but no matter what I seem to do voicemail does not work. If extension is not answered it just rings until it times out. Will not roll to voicemail. Any suggestions?

First off you are using a very old version of asterisk 1.4.2, the latest is closer to if memory serves me right and the first 4-5 version of 1.4 had MANY issues that were fixed in later versions. So maybe upgrading will help.

Next has the extension gone out and created a greeting, etc? If not the voice mail directories for that extension don’t exist yet and because they don’t exist voicemail can’t find the greeting file to play so it will fail.

Next check the ownership of the voicemail directory tree. You’ll find it at /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/ and its should be asterisk:asterisk, if not then you also have a rights issue and it can’t access the directories do to that.

You can reset the ownership by typing amportal chown at the linux command line.

Is this a hand built system or distro? If hand build what os and directions did you use along with and deviations in those directions please. Changing things like group and ownership have a huge impact on things as asterisk requires things to be a specific way to work (note that is a asterisk requirement, not FreePBX).