Voicemail problems


I have a little bit of an issue that I cant resolve. The voicemail app in FreePBX is functioning however users with Aastra phones can not access voicemail directly from the phone using *97 and entering the password. I have verified the password is correct in the GUI as well as voicemail.conf. The users are able to utilize the user portal and access voicemail if they call there extension and enter * when VM pickups and the VM PW. The issue is solely with *97 as of now. Can someone point me in the right direction? I searched the forums but this seems like a new issue.

Enable the DTMF verbose in the asterisk console, and see if the phone is sending the correct digits.

I’ve configured that but I don’t see DTMF when entered for voicemail password. I can see the PINs for meetme come through though.

please share the logs.