Voicemail password key bounces

I have a new install and if I try to go to voicemail, my password always fails. I looked at CLI> and when I enter a password of 1234 it reports 11223344. I changed my vmail password to 1122 and not when I dial into vmail, I simply enter 12 and I successfully get in.

Anyone know why this may be happening? I am running version 2.5.2 of FreePBX with all updates applied. I saw a very old post on this but nothing recent. https://issues.asterisk.org/view.php?id=249

thanks for any pointers.

Yes, it is your phone that sends both types of DTMF, if it is a Grandstream check only one type of DTMF to be sent.

I do have these Aastra 480i’s set to “BOTH” and will make that change. Thanks again.