Voicemail on no answer not available in Ring Groups

Going through the seismic change of an upgrade from FreePBX v2.11 with Asterisk 1.8 to the latest FreePBX v15.0.16.22 with Asterisk v16.9.0. Unsurprisingly, lots of things have changed, so reaching out for some help.

Immediate problem is that my old config had the option of forwarding to voicemail if no answer on a Ring Group, but on the new config the drop down on “destination if no answer” does not include voicemail. The wiki on this box states “Most often, this is set to an extension or a general voicemail box”, but I can’t see how to do the latter.

There is perhaps a clue in the Ring Group “extensions list”, where the wiki states “To dial Follow Me, queues, or numbers that are not extensions, use “#” at the end”, but the “#” seems to be reserved for dialing external numbers, whereas I want to go to internal voicemail.

Any suggestions?


It works as expected for me. Do you have the voicemail module installed? Do you have extensions with voicemail enabled?

Ah - thank you!

Early in new config, so hadn’t enabled an extension with voicemail. Now done and ‘voicemail’ visible on Ring Groups dropdown.

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