Voicemail on extensions but not on ring group <= How?

Voicemail is wanted on the extensions but not in the ring group. Is ending the call before the extension’s mailboxes fire the only way?

The last option in the ring group is “Destination if No Answer.” That is where you define where you want the call to go if no one answers.

If you are sending the call to cell phones or another external number, then you will either want to make sure you end the call before the voicemail picks up, or enable “confirm calls.” That will force an answerer to hit 1 before the call is considered answered.

Thanks Matthew, great stuff! I wonder though, is there also a destination that keeps on ringing indefinetly, yet without bothering anyone? (i.e. the /dev/null of telephony?:wink:

i dont understand what you mean by ringing indefinitely without bothering anyone. but you can set it to ring back the same ring group again if no answer to get the indefinitely part, it’ll bother people tho unless you set the ringer to mute lol.

That is fine actually because it is the after hours callers we don’t want on voicemail. I will gladly send them back to the same ring group so they can knock themselves out! Great stuff!

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