Voicemail Old Messages to 'Root' Ownership not 'Asterisk'

I’ve been made aware of an issue today, that may have been going on for a while without notice.

When voicemail are left in the inbox the owner is ‘asterisk’. After the messages are listened to, they are moved to the Old folder and the owner appears to be changed to ‘root’.

This appears to only cause problems with the web voicemail interface; playing and deleting message works via phone interface.

I believe that this change occurred around 9/15/2010, as I have found old voicemail files with the asterisk ownership on that date.

Ideas on where to start looking?

Had the same problem, wasn’t until I realized that I unintentionally ran the asterisk executable as the root user. During that time period every file generated by asterisk (including log files) were created with root:root permissions.
During a routine reboot of my system, I couldn’t start the asterisk process using “amportal start” because of the log files with incorrect permissions. Removing the log files in /var/log/asterisk corrected that problem and amportal start worked.
You can then change to the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail directory and run “chown -R asterisk:asterisk default” and “chown -R asterisk:asterisk default” to ensure ALL files have the owner & user “asterisk” set for them.