Voicemail Oddity

Hi All,
I wonder if this is a feature or perhaps an oversight.

With voicemail blasting I notice that if a group member has a temporary message recorded then the caller hears that before they get to leave a message.
This is great for a single member voicemail group.! but pops up an annoying situation if this is the general afterhours message group, where as it happens one of the staff members is away and has set a message on her personal voicemail box.

Would hate to think what would happen if more members of the group also had temp messages recorded.
It may take a while to finally leave that message.!!

Is there a setting I have missed to turn of this feature.?
I would prefer it to ignore any temp message.
Actually it would be nice if it was switchable, per extension / group perhaps.!

I also notice that directing the call to voicemail (no-msg) still plays the temp message.

or could it be described as funky and need surgery.?

On the same-ish subject
I noticed that the Press"0" for operator was not working via voicemail blasting yet it does on calls to individual extension voicemails.

Oops… Versions OLD
Voicemail 12.0.44
VmBlasting 12.0.1
FreePBX 6.12.65-30


Temporary greetings are difficult to deal with, somewhat related bug:

Hey Lorne

Seems I am not alone.
Right I am going to have to rethink their blasting scheme.

Had me wondering who writes the voicemail side of things then.
Is it all down to asterisk.?