Voicemail ODBC storage issues

I compiled Asterisk 15.2 with ODBC support for voicemail and created the table in db per sql script in realtime folder. I have verified that the table populates with data when vm is stored and that I can access vm with sip phone. The issue is that neither the freepbx 14 vm admin nor the vm app in ucp can access this data.

app_voicemail.c:3972 retrieve_file: SQL Get Data error! coltitle=category
[SELECT * FROM voicemail WHERE dir=? AND msgnum=?]

Does anyone know how to resolve this error?

JFYI - this is the table

CREATE TABLE voicemail (
dir varchar(255) NOT NULL,
msgnum int(11) NOT NULL,
context varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
macrocontext varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
callerid varchar(80) DEFAULT NULL,
origtime int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
duration int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
recording longblob,
flag varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL,
category varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL,
mailboxuser varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL,
mailboxcontext varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL,
msg_id varchar(40) DEFAULT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (dir,msgnum),
KEY voicemail_dir (dir)


After re compiling asterisk with file storage for voicemail I realized that this issue is due to incorrect max silence/min message length configuration. The voicemail data was being written to db, but the audio file was not. Hence the retrieve_file: SQL Get Data error!

Hopefully this saves someone else the time I wasted.