Voicemail notification time conditions

I have 2 mailbox’s for the service dept 1 is emergency service which will email & text for notification 24/7 but the other is for general messages and I want email & text but only during open hours 8:30am - 5:00pm can notifications be set by time of day. this way if someone leaves a general message at 11pm I will get the email & text the next day at 8:30am.


And I think it is a cool idea. Keep you from being bugged by non-emergency calls until the morning. I have been through all of the FreePBX settings in the process of writing a manual for our unsold product, and I am fairly certain that is not an option in FreePBX today. I am also fairly certain that a Guru (not me) could do this for $$$.

As for the email component, I think it could be treated at the mailserver. You would direct non-emergency calls to a different email address and have the spam settings hold all mail or something. All of our suspicious emails go to a bucket. When we are waiting for something that was sent we contact the administrator and he is able to forward.

I would also suggest asking for it here: