Voicemail notification in dialtone

When a voicemail is on an extension the extension will give a beep-beep before the dial tone, but the tone is so short it has finished playing by the time the handset gets to the ear. Is there a way to lengthen this tone timeout?

FreePBX 13.051/10.13.66-6

This would be on your phone itself because freepbx doesn’t generate dial tone until you actually send or answer a call

If you are talking dahdi (FXS phones), then the stutter tone is defined in /etc/asterisk/indications.conf . You will need to heed the warning at the top of that file and realize you might be in a catch-22 situation.

Gentlemen, Thank you both for your responses. Fortunately we are purely SIP and avoid analog. We are a Yealink house so will dig deeper into the configuration on the phones. I thought maybe there was a tie-in to the MWI settings that would cause the flutter tone to occur.

Thank you again for your responses.

No only sip notify messages are sent, what the phone does with it is manufacturer specific.