Voicemail not sending to email

AsterickNOW 1.5.0 with FreePBX 2.5.1 on CentOS 5.2: good install, up and running with 2 extensions talking to each other on Lan; no outside service yet. Testing sending voicemail to email: not working. I use Gmail, which switched to Secure (SSL) with non-standard Ports and authentication required. There is no way in FreePBX to adjust the settings, so how do I get into Sendmail config? Switchvox has a gui for this very problem. Can I install Gnome so I can do this through the gui? Also, the AsteriskNOW installer says it allows ‘upgrade’, but it does not; only full installs.

do not install any GUI other than Freepbx / webmin
You can use webmin to edit the sendmail mc file
the webmin gui will also allow access to the bounced emails which will help you track down any issues

using your ISP’s mail server for outbound is always the best way.

And just so you know Gmail is not a good way to go, gmail is get blocked more each day, gmail is one of the top spam domains today.

How do I get into Webmin? Even the way to access the FreePBX gui is buried in the Asterisk website, and the instructions are WRONG!
I have installed Asterisk, FreePBX, Switchvox, Trixbox Pro and CE, and others, and they uniformly suck at providing the simplest instructions for users who do not live and breathe commandline Linux. If an Asterisk machine runs as it should, you will rarely need to touch it, BUT when you do, you will need a refresher course on commandline Linux just to keep it going. My Novell server ran great, but I got tired of hitting the manuals just to change something. The newer GUI adds a LOT to ongoing usability.

OK sorry but this is not for you, you should look for some other hobby.

Running a PBX takes a good bit of tech skills and if you are not even willing to google something like webmin, I can not help you (as you make effort to help yourself)

There is nothing a GUI like Gnome/ KDE can add to the usability of a asterisk based PBX…nothing at all, so no point in having it.

Why would you be looking at the asterisk website to figure out Freepbx??

Trixbox CE and PRO do not want you at the command line they have web app for anything and everything.