Voicemail not recognizing button presses

Hi - I have installed FreePBX 14 / Asterisk 16 on a physical machine. I setup one phone and assigned it an extension. The phone is connected using PJSIP (5060). I enabled voice mail on the extension. I can dial voice mail using *97 but when it answers the login always fails. It seems as if the voice mail is not recognizing any tones. I bypassed the password by setting it blank and when it wont recognize any key press for menu options. I have tried setting the dtmf signaling to RFC 4733, Auto, SIP Info and Inband audio but nothing seems to work. Does any one have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance.

There is a keypress debug as I recall - I don’t remember how to invoke it, but I recall there being one.

What kind of phone?
How did you configure it?

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