VoiceMail not picking up for one uer


Got a system that has been up for quite sometime, although I did reload from scratch back in February trying to track down a network issue.

Running FreePBX with Asterisk

Having an issue with one user. When calls are transferred to this user, the voice mail never answers. After 20 or so rings, it does go to the Afterhours IVR we have set up.

I’ve compared settings to other users and not seeing anything different.

The only difference I see is this user has 33 voicemails saved in a different folder other than her regular voicemail INBOX.

Anyone have any clues?


Hi Westley,

Things to check:

  • If you call voicemail from that extension, can you login? If not, it looks like voicemail may not be setup correctly for that extension.
  • What happens in the log when you call that extension and wait for voicemail?