Voicemail not getting moved to old

Have just installed a new system with the latest version of the Distro and am noticing that when a voicemail is left for a user and they subsequently listen to it, but do not delete it (ie. that they intend to save it for later consumption) that the MWI indication doesn’t go away and the next time they log into voicemail they still get the “1 new messages” indication and it appears as if it’s a new voicemail. I know that in the previous distros I’ve used up to about a year ago that once the message was heard I didn’t have to do anything special to have the message become “un-new”.

Any hints/tips appreciated.


Mike <<<<<<

Settings, Voicemail Admin, Settings, scroll down to “moveheard” and make sure it is set to yes.

Excellent thanks, that did the trick.


Mike <<<<<