Voicemail not functioning

I have FReePBX Version 12 and the voicemail suddenly just stopped working to an extent. Users can call and get the voicemail prompt to leave a message and they do leave a message but my freepbx system does not process the vm at all. I no longer get an email with message attachment and when i look at my vm admin there is nothing showing for number of messages, etc.I am somewhat new at this but understand it enough to get it all setup and working properly to begin with. This system has been serving me well for almost a year now then all of a sudden this. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Without a call trace you won’t ever get a cogent answer.


Hi, you can check your VM voice mail box will be full. You can try different VM to recored voicemail or copy all Voicemail’s then remove it from your VM.

I have upgraded the system and have the voicemail functioning properly again. Thank you