Voicemail not forwarding, but able to use sendmail, log files empty/nonresponsive

I have set up my extension to forward voicemails to my e-mail address through the Web GUI. I first tested to see if voicemails were being received in Asterisk (yes), and then I tested to see if I could use the Sendmail button in the GUI to forward the message as an attachment (yes). However, when I select the setting to delete from server after sending via e-mail, I do not see any record of the voicemail in Asterisk.

I tried to go to /var/log/mail.log and used the Tail command as well as the CAT command… I receive no response. The log file is either empty or I am not able to open the log file. Any idea what my next step should be?


FreePBX Distro uses Postfix - if you are using the FreePBX Distro, you are looking in the wrong place.

I find for troubleshooting that MUTT (CLI Mail-Client) is very helpful.

I’m running Incredible PBX 3.11.11 for the Raspberry Pi, which utilizes Asterisk and FreePBX. So should I be looking in my postfix conf file to see where it is logging?

I don’t know what Incredible PBX uses - wouldn’t hurt to look.

I’m double-checking but it looks like it actually uses SendMail… going to check the syslog conf to figure out where these actions are being recorded… definitely not in the normal mail.log file.

I was able to fix the problem by putting in a valid domain into “serveremail” through the web GUI. I guess my mail server was rejecting e-mails from “Asterisk”

Thanks for your help.

Yeah, it used to be a no-brainer to send E-Mail but with all the spammers, it’s much harder to get other people to take mail from you unless everything is perfect.

It is with some irony that the services that mostly caused all the spam, AOL, hotmail, yahoo etc. also made it necessary for those measures to be needed and wont accept perfectly good email without jumping through those self caused hoops, for most folks without full DNS and Reverse DNS, full control over their mail servers firewall and DNS plus the ability to add all that crap that these guys now need to your mail server some emails will just never get through.

Pragmatically it is often much easier to setup your local mail server, postfix mostly for FreePBI servers to use gmail as your mail relay, it will even successfully deliver to AOL accounts :wink: , there are many recipes out there as to how to do this but many folks find

works well for them.